偏執症者 (PARANOID) ‘Cover Of The Month’ vinyl release

October 18, 2016

偏執症者 (PARANOID) have announced they will release a limited ‘Cover Of The Month’ vinyl release on Svart Records which should be out Oct/Nov

Each of the Cover of the month track is listed/listenable below they all have a story behind each track which you can check out on each youtube page.
“Cover of the month”
Jan. [1] – Into the crypts of Rays (Celtic Frost)
Feb. [2] – Punk is love (Pisschrist)
March [3] – Don’t really care (The Exploited)
April [4] – 2 Skott (Strebers)
May [5] – Bloodthirsty system (State Of Fear)
June [6] – Krossad dröm (Acursed)
July [7] – Day of reckoning ((Pentagram)
Aug. [8] – Skallra för döden (Totalitär)
Sep. [9] – Natsit ja kommunisti (Kaaos)
Oct. [10] – Arise (Sepultura)
Nov. [11] – Too old too cold (Darkthrone)
Dec. [12] – Criminal trap (Anti-Cimex)

Next gigs/tours for 2017:
* February 4, “Sista Kriget!” w/ Asocial, T.S.T, Mob 47, Avskum, Kvoteringen
* March 9-12, “Its Grim Up North” UK w/ Thisclose (Scotland)
* May 10-20, “European Tour”. (More info will follow during next year). Feel free to get in touch if you can and wanna help out. Any help appreciated!