1.0 Lets Start Fresh

February 24, 2019

So if any of you have followed this blog/zine/webzine over the years, should know what this site is in brief it is a site that delivers news on punk releases mainly from the DIY hardcore/punk/crust scene. The idea is to link everything together creating this as more of a resource. I run a label/distro called Distro-y but find myself looking up sites like Discogs/Wikipedia/Terrible metal websites for info on bands and labels I want to know about and this is not good in my opinion as its overview information. I want to know about the band previous/current band and releases, where they are from….. basically the punk scene is not represented in the internet the way we should have it.

Anyway thats the jist of the site and will probably go into the About page in the future this section of the blog is the changelog and depending how nerdy we get I will probably move this to a sub-domain here is hoping. So the idea for the Changelog 1.0 is to give an introduction and look for a bit of help in web based projects and to introduce labels and band pages. Ok now if you a casual reader here is where we part ways I plan on introducing band and label pages and if you can help me I would be so appreciative if not no worries just check in again to see if you can.

So anyone who can help with WordPress/APIs/Discogs/Wikipedia so the bulk of the info or more so history that I can attain on bands and labels is from Discogs/Wikipedia. The primary idea would be to create an API between D-Beat Beater so that the most current information can be display on the blog or the aforementioned sites as a reference. I will be honest in the changelog and state where I need help and in this case it is with implementation of APIs and how to make them work. If you are some one who knows how APIs work or want more info on what I want to do with the site please get in touch info@dbeatbeater.com
I hope to post in this section every week with developments and appeals on how to improve this project.

While type this I have listened to The War Goes On – S/T LP and so should you: