A message from Anti-Cimex

August 25, 2014

Attention! A message from Anti-Cimex:

“We are currently working on a project about Cimex and it would be fun if you guys helped us! If you have an opinion about us, good or bad, or if you wanna tell a story that involved us, please film yourself telling the story and send it to us. It is a great plus if you filmed it in HQ for a better chance to do something of it.

Mail it to sbchalle (at) or snailmail it to:

Charlie Claesson
Frövägen 4
446 32 Älvängen

We cant offer you any compensation for it, just an opportunity to be part of this project. Or if you have any unknown footage of Cimex it would be of great help for us too!

Thank you!”