This is D-Beat Beater, talking mainly punk of all varying sorts not just D-Beat.
Drop a line and say Hi. I like to talk punk!!
Alex Distro-y – D-Beat Beater

D-Beat Beater is not a strict D-Beat website, just what I thought was a catchy title.
I am not a journalist, just like the punk!!

D-Beat Beater start off as a zine moving to a web news/blog that tried to bring the latest news from D-beat/Hardcore/Crust and other off shoots from the world of underground. We first started out posting news on new releases out each week we don’t always get them but we tried. I started this website to make a news site for Crust and D-Beat as there was a serious lack on the internet but found it increasingly hard to do so due to time constraints 3 kids, work, label//distro I run Distro-y Records, I also love training BJJ when I can so now I am just going to comment on stuff and try to spread music at my own leisure and what I find exciting news.
All previous content is still available

I run a distro which I have linked to D-Beat Beater, the distro is as part of Distro-y Records which I also do, it is fairly crusty//hardcore based and I try to keep stock and feature labels such as La Vida Es Un Mus, D-Takt and RaPunk, Deathwish Inc. and Destructure Records. Please get in touch through Distro-y Records for distro queries!!!
Check out Distro here: http://distrotable.com/

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