ACEPHALIX Chat About Being Back

February 16, 2016

Recently we heard that ACEPHALIX had reformed after a 4 years hiatus and we heard that they were setting off on tour of the Pacific North West, so we asked Kyle of  ACEPHALIX a few quick questions to find out more..

Check out the dates for ACEPHALIX upcoming Tour of the Pacific Northwest

I guess first thing first, what has instigated the return of ACEPHALIX?

Kyle- it just came about naturally. We were all ready. Less than a week after we talked about it cvlt nation did an article on us saying they wish we would get back together, very supportive.

You have all kept busy together in VASTUM and LAWLESS did it feel as ACEPHALIX never went away?

Kyle- it was time for a break and to focus on other projects. Dave has been doing Depressor, Luca has Necrot and Vastum, Dan has Vastum and I have Serpents Of Dawn. When we started playing together again as Acephalix the chemistry between us was still there.

You are doing a tour of the Pacific northwest in the coming weeks, do you think people are excited or is ACEPHALIX just a distant memory?

Kyle- we are excited and that’s what’s most important. It will be great to see and play with our friends. Portland and Seattle have always shown us love.

Do you think much has changed in the crust/metal scene in the last 4 years, or do you feel that you are just picking back up where you left off?

Kyle- I don’t think you can ever go back, it’s always something new and we embrace that as a way of life.

What can we expect from ACEPHALIX in the future any new releases? More gigs/tours

Kyle- we are working on new material and will be playing shows selectively as we are all involved in a lot of things in life. Hopefully releasing Deathless Master on Vinyl and new material.