Active Distribution to stop Music

November 6, 2014

Active Distribution says “No more music”. One of the best Anarcho punk labels says no more music with them turning their intentions towards reading material solely pro-claiming anarcho punk scene is dead. Its sad to see this happen but we wish them best with them carrying on with the publishing through books/ reading material

No more music! Active will not be taking in any more music CD’s or indeed restocking titles we already do. We have a couple of CD releases in the pipeline but the end is in sight for music at Active. So order whilst you can, having said that we have a lot of stuff in stock. Why? a couple of reasons, the main one being space and our desire to do more books. The other is that we are of the opinion that the anarcho punk scene is dead and no longer worth our support (there are notable exceptions). There will be a full statement from Active on this coming soon. As No Means No said, go home and read a book!