Ahna “Perpetual Warfare” Summer Europe Tour

Vancouvers Ahna are set to tour Europe this May in support of their “Perpetual Warfare” 12″ EP and cassette release

MAY 9th – Gent, Belgium
MAY 10TH – Antwerp, Belgium
MAY 11TH – Gent, Belgium (post-crust picnic show)
MAY 12TH – Wuppertal, Germany
MAY 13TH – Bremen, Germany
MAT 15TH – Copenhagen, Denmark
MAY 16TH – Gothenberg, Sweden
MAY 17TH – Malmo, Sweden
MAY 19TH – Oslo, Norway
MAY 21ST – Tampere, Finland
MAY 22ND – Turku, Finland
MAY 23RD – Jyvaskyla, Finland
MAY 24TH – Helsinki, Finland
MAY 25TH – Oulu, Finland
MAY 26TH – Lulea, Sweden
MAY 27TH – Umea, Sweden
MAY 29TH – Helsingor, Denmark
MAY 30TH/31ST – North Germany – Help? (hamburg/hannover/rostock)
JUNE 1ST – Berlin, Germany
JUNE 2ND – Liepzig, Germany – TBC
JUNE 3RD – Finsterwalde, Germany
JUNE 4TH – Czech/Poland/East Germany – Help?
JUNE 5TH – Wroclaw
JUNE 6TH -Wroclaw
JUNE 7TH – Czech/Poland – Help?
JUNE 8TH – Linz, Austria
JUNE 9TH – Vienna, Austria
JUNE 10TH – Zagreb, Croatia

Touring the “Perpetual Warfare” EP on 12″ vinyl and cassette.