Ahna “Perpetual Warfare” Summer Europe Tour

April 6, 2015

Vancouvers Ahna are set to tour Europe this May in support of their “Perpetual Warfare” 12″ EP and cassette release

MAY 9th – Gent, Belgium
MAY 10TH – Antwerp, Belgium
MAY 11TH – Gent, Belgium (post-crust picnic show)
MAY 12TH – Wuppertal, Germany
MAY 13TH – Bremen, Germany
MAT 15TH – Copenhagen, Denmark
MAY 16TH – Gothenberg, Sweden
MAY 17TH – Malmo, Sweden
MAY 19TH – Oslo, Norway
MAY 21ST – Tampere, Finland
MAY 22ND – Turku, Finland
MAY 23RD – Jyvaskyla, Finland
MAY 24TH – Helsinki, Finland
MAY 25TH – Oulu, Finland
MAY 26TH – Lulea, Sweden
MAY 27TH – Umea, Sweden
MAY 29TH – Helsingor, Denmark
MAY 30TH/31ST – North Germany – Help? (hamburg/hannover/rostock)
JUNE 1ST – Berlin, Germany
JUNE 2ND – Liepzig, Germany – TBC
JUNE 3RD – Finsterwalde, Germany
JUNE 4TH – Czech/Poland/East Germany – Help?
JUNE 5TH – Wroclaw
JUNE 6TH -Wroclaw
JUNE 7TH – Czech/Poland – Help?
JUNE 8TH – Linz, Austria
JUNE 9TH – Vienna, Austria
JUNE 10TH – Zagreb, Croatia

Touring the “Perpetual Warfare” EP on 12″ vinyl and cassette.