Asocial Release Religion Sucks Picture Disc EP

December 15, 2019

Swedish punk legends Asocial have release a picture disc 7″ EP for their “Religion Sucks” EP on Threat From The Past

Asocial fo rthose unfamiliar is total Swedish early-mid eighties hardcore mangel at its best, credited by heavy metal expert Daniel Ekeroth as the true inventors of the Blast-Beat and the originators of Grindcore (in his book “Swedish Death Metal” he defines Asocial as “key to any survey of extreme music). If you like the fastest Scandinavian hardcore, punk and your daily drug is the insanely raw devastation of bands like Mob 47, Anti-Cimex, The Shitlickers, Crude SS, Discard, … then you will dig Asocial for sure. After nearly thirty-three years “Religion Sucks” is finally available on (picture disc) vinyl again, the original artwork of the cover / insert got restored and rearranged to achieve the best possible result. Stiv of Visions Of War / Stivart did a real nice drawing for Side A of the picture disc vinyl and Eugene of Chaosbringer took all pieces of art and created something new and really fantastic for Side B. The original pressing of this EP was done in 1986 on the German label Dissonance Records.
You can get your copy from Threat From The Past  

For all you Discogs nerds: Here is the pressing info
Total pressing 500 copies all housed in a fold-out cover with parts of the original artwork re-arranged.
Four different editions will be unleashed:
# Standard Edition of 390 copies   
# Die Hard Edition 1: 50 copies with small patch (which shows the front cover of the standard pressing)  
# Die Hard Edition 2: 50 copies with small patch (which shows the front cover of the test pressing)  
# “Record Collecting Is [Not] A Crime” Edition of 10 copies with four patches [Sold Out]

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