BANDIT Re-issue on Vinyl

January 20, 2016

BANDIT – Heathen Rock. 12 Distorted Truth For The Dumb LP A couple of years in the making, this Japanese hardcore masterpiece finally gets a long overdue vinyl reissue.

Originally released in 1991 on CD format only, Heathen Rock was Bandit’s debut release, a relentless 12-track hardcore assault. The Kitakyushu-based band played Japanese hardcore typical of the era, comparable to Lip Cream and Nightmare on speed: raging riffs, fast 1-2 drum beats, brutal vocal delivery, and anthemic gang choruses. It’s all there! After their demise in the mid 90s, members went on to form the acclaimed 惡AI意. Comes with a full-colored 12 page booklet and improved cover art. Remastered for vinyl purposes and comes with a download of demo and unreleased comp tracks.

Please contact Flower Of Carnage (Asia/Oceania) and Solar Funeral (America) and Ratbone Records(Europe).