Nervous SS

The one man mangel attack from Skopje, Macedonia and ¬†first balkan mangel act¬†Nervous SS. Released debut 12″ titled FUTURE EXTINCTION on D-Takt & Rapunk in late 2019

Associated Bands: Disease, Gargara

Inspiration To Start Your One Man Band (Part 1.)

I assume people are already putting together their one man bands so why not take inspiration from some people who have done it before. This is Part 1 as the more I got thinking the more solo projects I thought of. So your stuck at home and can’t play in your band but want to […]

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Gargara Releases Debut EP

Bouncing up in your face noisey hardcore Gargara from North Macedonia.

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Nervous SS Release Video for Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Skopje

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NERVOUS SS Bring Balkan Mangel Out This December on D-Takt & RaPunk

The first balkan mangel act Nervous SS have unleashed two tracks off their upcoming 12″ out this December on D-Takt & Ra Punk

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