Bowel Rupture / Pvnisher Bring Raw Sounds Of New Zealand

March 24, 2020

Devastating hardcore from New Zealand as this split 7″ between Pvnisher deliver raw black metal  and Bowel Rupture cut through with a serrated hardcore assault.

Words by Craig Hayes:
“The nihilistic new split from Pōneke (Wellington) bands Bowel Rupture and Pvnisher features two of Aotearoa New Zealand’s most intimidating punk/metal bands. The devastating 7” collects six pitch-black cacophonies born from the extreme end of the raw hardcore spectrum. Bowel Rupture and Pvnisher’s bitter aural assaults annihilate genre boundaries, all the while amplifying existential dread.

Five-piece Bowel Rupture sound exactly like you’d imagine. The band’s malevolent but cathartic sound fuses the most pestilent strains of punk and death metal. Bowel Rupture’s three new tracks are their heaviest and most disgusting-sounding yet. Clobbering Neanderthal noise bulldozes its way across horrifying terrain, with Bowel Rupture reinforcing their commitment to unmitigated sonic warfare every step of the way.

Filth-mongering duo Pvnisher deliver more blunt-force audio trauma on their three new tracks. As always, the band’s plague pit punk underscores Pvnisher’s devotion to aural terrorism. Blown-out crust and searingly raw black metal conjure sickening terrors, with Pvnisher’s feedbacking riffs, crashing percussion, and mind-chiseling momentum cementing their reputation as purveyors of gruesome noise.

Pvnisher and Bowel Rupture have both produced increasingly brutal music over time, and their nightmarish new split features some of their most violent and confronting work yet. Overflowing with hostility and barbarity, Pvnisher and Bowel Rupture’s split is set to summon the end of days. “

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