Burnt Cross to release new 7″

November 5, 2014

Burnt Cross announced today that they will release a new 7″ entitled “Life is a Battlefield” this will be Burnt Cross‘ 11th 7″ EP and as always will be released by labels all over the world including Distro-y Records and Tadpole Records

NEWS!!!…. We have now finished the tracks for our new 7″ entitled “Life is a Battlefield” and hope to get the master of in a week or so… It will have 4 songs and just 500 copies will be pressed. Thirteen labels going in and hopefully the record will be released in Jan 2015 depending on pressing time. Will post up full cover in couple of weeks with track listing…all artwork done by BecK Crowraven Punkbat ArT PagE.. looking forward to this fucker (R)

Listen to tracks off their last 7″ with Anthrax(UK)