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Review: EXTINCT EXIST – Cursed Earth

When a band has a CV consisting of ex-members of Nuclear Death Terror, Pisschrist and ABC Weapons,EXTINCT EXISTyou know what to expect a raging crustal assault, and Yes thats exactly what this is. Now on their second outing, having previously released a demo tape which is to be re-issued on 7″ vinyl shortly, Melbourne’ EXTINCT EXIST bring a new 12″ to the fold in June 2016 to accompany a European tour.
6 tracks of some solid old school crust that does not relent as it is overlaid with some guitar weilding solos and skills that brings the in some Bolt Thrower-esq worship but holding a pace of a band on a warpath of D-Beat destruction//annihilation. Played with a crushing urgency 6 tracks, whose slowing is a method to build up a great ferocity as EXTINCT EXIST rip roar through the next track. Finishing the record on a destructive blast into an eerie bleakness on the latter part of ‘Echo Howls’ as if a symbol of where this planet and everything on it is heading. Solid release from these Melbourne Crust Punks.

Label: Ruin Nation


Review: SHEER MAG – III 7″

This ain’t D-Beat but some punks love it others not so much, but the ever so catchy SHEER MAG bring a third blending of rocking-garage-punky beats 7″.Sheer Mag Bending your ear into a sound of powerful vocals and great riffs ‘CAN’T STOP FIGHTING’ showing that a beat has not been dropped on ‘III’ and are as ever catchier and packed with sounds. Even dropping when into a swaying heart felt ‘WORTH THE TEARS’ before ‘NIGHT ISN’T BRIGHT’ works the clutch as it switches up and the down gears as a snarling sound tracking to a very crunching ‘NOBODY’S BABY’. A record that really builds on the billion sounds and influences that can be picked out of a SHEER MAG session.





Review part of Record Of The Week series SHEER MAG – III 7″

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Review: MYTERI – S/T LP

MYTERI from Sweden hardcore stronghold of Gothenburg, bring us their debut LP bringing a total of ten tracks to their new plate, 3 of the 4 tracks which featured on their demo ‘The Silent Death’ available on their bandcamp.

MyteriWith an intro that bears markings of something straight off the back of a Fall of Efrafa record, the speech over a slow dooming sound, however this is not strung out for ten minutes plus that is part a creeping build up before kicking in to something devastating. MYTERI do not piss around they set the scene and kick into gear, with thundering driving d-deat hardcore admidst a wall of power something to be expected with members of ESKATOLOGIA featuring in MYTERI. With robust riffs of a crushing anguish influences of FROM ASHES RISE and LINK spring to mind. The slipping back into atmospheric interludes through out helps bring darker layers to run through the LP. This melodic laden Swedish dark hardcore that is a fairly solid offering from MYTERI on their vinyl debut.


Label: Phobia Records, Svoboda Records, Halvfabrikat Records, Angry Music, The Mind Is Everything Records

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Review: Poison Idea – Confuse & Conquer

Label: Southern Lord
As blistering as ever Poison Ideas rocking hardcore punk brings us a new set of 11 tracks. Their sound as predominant as ever crushing through the album and just throwing its shear volume about in a ‘Fuck You’ mannerism that draws you into what is Poison Idea.

poison-idea-confuse72dpiPoison Idea seem to have this ability to just build and compile on each chord as they rip up and down the neck of each of their guitars with the drumming out a constant driving beating force that pummels out the foundation layer for each little lick/solo thrown in effortlessly. With Jerry A’s lyrics punching through choral “whoa oh ohs” with words although audible in the majority we will never know for sure, as they will not be included as he has seemingly burnt them. (see video below)

This ain’t just PI hitting hard through out, throwing in something off par changing the form of the record from a sinister piano that plays into ‘Psychic Wedlock’ as if the start of ‘Feel The Darkness’ LP was rearing its head once again with the inevitable following of ripping punk. They do go off kilter bringing in a western style sound which you can guess which track it is from the track listings. Confuse & Conquer also includes the track “Hypoptic” that was released on the B-side of the two track 7″ which came out on Voodoo Doughnut Recordings but on ‘C & C’ this is an alternative version, never the less rocking and catchy as hell, hypnotic in a sense.

Poison Idea have been going for a long time, with Confuse & Conquer showing there ain’t no sign of them stopping. With the track ‘Bog’ being the one that you keep going back to listening to again which is right at the start and thus creating a never ending cycle of listening.

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Review: Dark Circles – MMXIV LP

This is unforgiving from the offset Dark Circles bellow a dark hardcore sound that fans of Alpinist and Bacchus will be grateful to be introduced to these Canadian. As these Montreal lads, bring another tier in their sound by progressively changing up their sound that also pays some serious homage to their influences which works splendidly as when things get changed up it puts a snarl on your face the gears click into place for that next tier in Dark darkcirclesCircles sound. There is always something tweaking your ear and pulling you back in. From heavy walls of guitar, to at times an absolute raw hardcore scandi sound to a bleak and utter atmospheric darkness.

A lengthy tolling interlude of bleak uncertain sounds, hand bells (and maybe could have had some big bells too…) and gasping words of a nightmarish catholic mass splits the LP in two, Dark Circles come back with a more emotive than harsh sound having collapsed their deafening wall replacing it with a more coherent Scandinavian sound that just as before is multi-leveled.
Despite being titled and released on tape in 2014,this shall be up there for 2015 releases if you like hardcore dark and heavy!!!

Désordre Ordonné (Canada)
Moment of Collapse (Europe)
Grain of Sand (Russia)
Doomsday Machine Records (Canada)
1859 Records (USA)
Replenish Records (USA)

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Review: Burnchurch – S/T LP

(Review by Stormhag)
The debut release from BURNCHURCH is upon us, a powerhouse comprised of members of countless bands/ex bands including EASPA MEASA, DROPPIN BOMBS and Poland’s SILENCE, who have been building up to this release for quite a while now.
The song writing on this LP is on another level. Passionate and urgent riffs make up the structure of these songs, with piercing interwoven melodies and a shredding anger beneath. Two guitars battle it out to create that chest filling feeling invoked by those bands of the early to mid 00’s mainly from the Galicia region of Spain. There is also influence from the homelands of these Irish and Polish punks, ranging from the punk rock energy of POST REGIMENT, to the blackened boiling rage of THE DAGDA. Call Burnchurch what you will, neo-crust, dark hardcore, or just punk made by people who mean it.
Clodagh’s vocals are powerful and enraged like gravel in the throat of a crow. She is backed up on some songs with deeper growls adding another layer of depth. The bass on this record is seamless. Hungry and thundering melodies beneath it all. A rumbling iron truck rolling through the wasteland.
John Bombs outdoes himself on the drums with unbelievable pace and change in each song. While his style is firmly rooted in the d-beat, every tom, every cymbal gets beaten to death, creating a tooth gritting energy. The pace is tempered on songs such as ‘Wind Strong’, carrying the words of Assata Shakur across to a mid-paced stomp.
The lyrics are nothing short of breath taking. Clodagh declares war on the established norms of this backward Irish society, infested by religious bigotry and prejudice. A wonderful and horrifying world of wild imagery is conjured up in songs such as ‘Dust and Bones’, and ‘Curses’ a song sung as Gaeilge(in Irish language) describing someone being flung from their horse during a hunt, torn apart by a wolf and suffocated in a badgers set. Such tales of revenge never seemed so just.
There is such integrity and passion in these words. From defiant tales of personal battles won every day in the pursuit of mental health in an unforgiving society in ‘Greater than Fear’ , to the anti-police anthem ‘Sirens’. Make no mistake, I know these people, and they mean every fucking word they scream. This is the true spirit of diy punk.
The gatefold artwork was done by the incredibly talented Sean Fitzgerald and depicts, in minute detail, a decayed and crumbling wasteland, a dead child succumbed to the growth of weeds and flowers, a host to new life in the blighted remains. Such a theme resonates strongly with me. It is the age old tale of death and rebirth. Life from decay. Something which echos strongly in the Celtic inspired geometric inlay motif. Again, I know Sean personally and I imagine he thought long and hard about his design. This is not some thoughtless rendering of a dead baby for the sake of aesthetic. It is a representation of a crucial aspect of this band, both musically and lyrically; A realisation of the doomed path this society is headed, but a refusal to succumb to apathy. A will to continue, even if that be in utter rage. Hope in the darkness.

Available from:


Review: Gust – S/T LP

Blistering hardcore from GUST a Swedish hardcore outfit, making their debut on Southern Lord with their self titled LP. Who are seemingly endlessly on tour putting four Euro tours behind them before this LP and since the release touring again and announcing another tour less 24 hours after their return.

gustA fairly solid release in all aspects that seems to get more interesting as you delve deeper from the blistering beat down hardcore of the first tracks. Gust begins to intertwine their sound into more varied aspects, of frantic hardcore with wanking guitar hero solos in Humility In Disguise, before bringing everything back down to earth once again with dooming hardcore that strips down to acoustic build ups, with dirty raw bass sounds and ghostly echoes in the finale of Restless Hands with the LP as a whole filled with vocals of angst that spits out every word also featuring additional guest vocals by the very capable Brad Boatright (Warcry, From Ashes Rise) who also mastered the LP through Audiosiege Engineering.

A solid ten tracks of unrelenting hardcore from this adventurous Swedish band that may in the future bring a different dynamic to their sound from judging on the latter half of this record that should intrigue many hardcore fans.

Label: Southern Lord


Review: War//Plague – Temperaments of War


War//Plague are back with ‘Temperaments of War’ their follow up E.P. to their ‘Primal’ e.p. which was released earlier this year. As with their previous releases, ‘Temperaments of War’ continues to build upon War//Plagues legacy of solid crust releases.

From beginning to end, war/plague hit with crushing metallic riffs, harsh searing vocals and a complete onslaught of brutal drumming. Blending melodic interludes with crusty thrash.
War//Plague hail from the American Midwest and with clear motive, continue to push and strengthen the crust movement. ‘Temperaments of War’ reaffirms War//Plagues position at the forefront of the crust genre.

Label: Organize & Arise