Changelog 1.0

June 27, 2019

This is the first post into the Changelog for D-Beat Beater for 27/06/19
– What is A Changelog
– Linking band names
– Where To Find Changelog

– What is A Changelog
For those who don’t know what a Changelog is. It is a log of all the changes that are made on this project/blog.

My Aim of doing a Changelog is to track the project and to give people an insight on how the site works and if they see anything they like and wonder how it was done this is where you come to. It is a bit on the nerdy side of things of making websites but I believe for punk to progress further we need to adept blogs have replaced zines, streaming is fast replacing vinyl despite the strong support of vinyl in the punk scene.
For those wondering this site is built on WordPress.
I will also explain reasons for introducing these changes for clear transparency
Reason for this Change: Introducing the changelog to help explain why things are done on the site and explain how things are done and why.

Linking Band Names
So you read a piece about a band and you want to find out more about the band we are introducing Linking of Band Names through a plugin called Linkify Text for WordPress. So when you see a band name highlighted as a link it, you can click it will link to the tag page for that band where you will see a feed of all posts with that band tagged. This will later progress to a band page which will give extra info on the band and links to buy their record.
Reason for this Change: So you can quickly find more information on bands you are interested in and creating a record of all posts of a certain band.
Example: Wolfbrigade , Victims

Where To Find Changelog
You should be able to find the changelog at the very bottom of the website. So scroll to the very bottom and look for Changelog you should find it beside Contact and anything in terms of terms of conditions of site if I ever introduce that.

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