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Changelog 2.0 – Distro and Archiving

December 8, 2019

Working towards archiving all the news on the site and creating links to distro.

This is probably a boring post but here are the thing I am doing to improve the website which is basically and cut and paste news site.

D-Beat Beater has been going for a few years now, and news on the website/database dates back to 2014 so it is inadvertently becoming an archive of punk news. With that I am currently trying to make it easier to find news on bands and what members are also doing and this means creating links using tags. So most posts will have tags if it is a post on a release I try to tag the band and other bands members are in, country they are from and city/region and labels. I am now linking all these link together so once you click on the band or country it will give a chronical of all tagged post on the website for that band (for example: Wolfbrigade, Tragedy, Bleakness ) or country ( France Sweden United States ) . Some cities are very active and will create links for these eventually as well. Although the database is dated back to 2014 and over a thousand post not all the posts have been tagged so please bare with me while I try to link all these bands.

Many of you may know that as well as D-Beat Beater I try to run a small distro under the name Distro-y Records some of you may notice links to items from the distro this is to provide access to any titles by bands whose news is reported on D- Beat Beater I also try to provide links to other labels and distros as well to help people find links to the music we all love. The distro is only starting up again after taking a break for a year.

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