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Check Out this Pittsburgh anarcho-punk compilation

November 19, 2019

A Scam for the Big Idea” is a Pittsburgh anarcho-punk compilation album benefiting the local anarchist space, The Big Idea Bookstore Cooperative Bookstore & Cafe. So get acquainted with some punk from Pittsburgh.

Over the last 18 years, The Big Idea has grown into a second home for many Pittsburgh punks and anarchists.The space’s rent got jacked up recently, and it’s likely to get raised again in the coming months. Gentrification is accelerating (…again), but we don’t plan on giving up our community space without a fight. All proceeds from the bandcamp (and other monetized streaming platforms) go directly to the Big Idea collective.

Filler Distro who are realsing the comp have more info on their site, which includes more personal/political context about the Big Idea and its impact on young punx in Pittsburgh:

The comp is 18 tracks long and spans a lot of subgenres: neocrust, hardcore, d-beat, pop-punk, crack rock steady, emotrap etc etc. Most of the tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered by Filler kids for free in our shitty DIY attic “studio.” The bands are pretty new, and a lot of them are young as hell. There’s also a few bands that aren’t even real – some members of other bands just decided to jam together and play a different style/genre and record it as a one-off.

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