D-Beat Beater Free Zine Print Issue Coming Soon!!!

April 6, 2015

D-Beat Beater Free Zine is going to be released hopefully next month, May, going to do a small run that will be a free zine available for the cost of postage from here or from a couple of distros we hope

More details to come shortly on contents but it will be a small experiment free to all those who want it. It will be about 20 pages in all with a couple of interviews and reviews one or two little pieces on various things happening in the global scene. We are open to submissions if anyone feels like making one get in touch whether it be a piece of writing or interview or review.
Everything contained will be at later stages published on the website but I do encourage people to the support the free zine experiment and by getting a free copy it will hopefully inspire further issues.

How will we pay for it well it will be funded by my own money and if anyone wishes to place ads for distro/label/bands/tours let us know the more ads the more free issues that will be printed and the more widely available it will be.

This is an experiment and if all goes well we will run further issues. Please get in touch if you wish to help or support this project please get in touch!! info (AT) dbeatbeater(dot)com