March 8, 2016

DARK CIRCLES / ABSTRACTER 12″ Split of dark crustal heaviness out April 1st

This crushing 12″ split brings together two of the North American underground’s most devastating bands: the crippling blackened hardcore/crust onslaught of DARK CIRCLES and the grim and massive blackened sludge of ABSTRACTER. While DARK CIRCLES’s stark and savage black metal-infused hardcore-crust will please all fans of bands like Tragedy, Hexis, and From Ashes Rise etc., ABSTRACTER on the other side will captivate the senses of listeners who love dismal, bleak, and suffocating sludge/doom, and will surely please fans of bands like PRIMITIVE MAN, COFFINWORM etc, with their crushing, dissonant, and colossal noise and black metal-infested sludge-doom.

DARK CIRCLES’ side was recorded and mixed by the band them selves, while ABSTRACTER’ side was recorded and mixed by Greg Wilkinson (Noothgrush, Vastum, Graves At Sea) at Earhammer Studios in Oakland CA, and all songs were then mastered by Brad Boatright (NAILS, Black Breath, Old Man Gloom etc.) at Audiosiege Studios in Portland OR. The vinyl splitt 12″ also features harrowing and beautiful artwork done by Chris Goldsmith – singer and bassist of Dark Circles, and will come in 1000 units with solid black or rotting green color options

Out April 1 on HALO OF FLIES, Sentient Ruin Laboratories, sickmangettingsick.records, Shove, Moment of Collapse Records and L’Oeil Du Tigre Records.

Check out trailer: