Demo Tape of DISATTACK – A Bomb Drops​.​.​. Out on 12″

May 11, 2021

Out now on Demo Tapes DISATTACK – A Bomb Drops​.​.​. One Sided 12″ / 28 page booklet

The first Dis-clone? We don’t know about that, but these are some early rumblings of Dis-mania, direct from the Merseyside in 1986. For every man, woman or child there is no escape from the dark war horse of This Attack! Disattack. 6 raw bursts of sonic bloodbath that will leave your ears bleeding in a ditch. The fear of doom dawning when the whole world will be bathed in Blood! The 4 song demo is complemented by 2 additional rehearsal songs and a 28 page booklet of archival material, hand-outs and photos. For those who worship Discharge, Anti Cimex and Sacrilege! Line-up includes a young Bill Steer pre-Carcass.

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