DISAFFECT Discography Double LP Out Soon

November 29, 2019

Ruin Nation Records are releasing a 2xLP / CD / download discography of Scottish crust / punk legendary band Disaffect

The announcement came through Ruin Nation whose latest information is that test press sounds great. A complete remastering of the complete recording was provided by the North London Bomb Factory.

Disaffect are also back gigging for the first time in 25 years in December with three gigs on the 13/14/15 December all in the UK including a London date with Hiatus, Icons Of Filth and Sedition.

In 2000 there was a Disaffect Discography CD released on two Scottish labels Panoptic Vision and Anonymous Records which you can see the tracklisting and listen to below:

01. Storm Coming
02. Fast Music Doesn’t Mean Violent Dancing
03. A Plea For Life
04. Can’t See The Woods
05. Humane Humans
06. No End In Sight
07. Narrow Minded Bigots
08. The End
09. Braindead
10. Judge & Be Damned
11. Home Of The Brave
12. Solution Available
13. A Taste Of Their Own Medicine
14. Headfucked
15. Craven Image
16. State Worse Than Death
17. The Last Giant
18. Can’t See The Woods (Live)
19. Sometimes
20. Everything’s Fine
21. Warning
22. Slow Death
23. Chained To Morality
24. Instrumental
25. Internal Life
26. Take It Back
27. State Worse Than Death
28. One Law For Them…
29. …Another Law For Us
30. Final Strike
31. The Man Who Cleaned The Bog

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