Disclose Nightmare Or Reality Repress Out Soon

July 24, 2019

DISCLOSE – Nightmare Or Reality 12″ will be re-issued via La Vida Es Un Mus this fall

Originally released on MCR Company 20 years ago in 1999 so I presume this will be a 20 year anniversary release. It follows La Vida Es Un Mus having previously reissued ‘Yesterday’s Fairytale, Tomorrow’s Nightmare’ and Tragedy‘ so you can either head over to discogs and pay 50-60 euro for a copy if you can’t wait or you can wait till fall of this year to get a copy off La Vida Es Un Mus who announced this release via twitter earlier today.

Summer. Door half open at work. Blasting the master of MUS202 DISCLOSE – Nightmare Or Reality 12″. Some random person from the Studios walks in asking what the hell I am listening to. He is into it. This a good time to announce the release. Out in the fall.

La Vida Es Un Mus – Twitter

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