DISGUISE Release New Track

February 13, 2019

Almost four years since the ‘Signs Of The Future’ 12″, Dublin’s DISGUISE return with ‘Bas Fada’. Which will be available as advanced copies on tour joint tour with GELD starting next week.

Six more extremely violent and blown out tracks that sound like the best of Scandinavian and Japanese hardcore punk thrown into a concrete mixer. Ever wondered what was on the other side of that enormous slammed door? Here’s your answer. Recorded by the band themselves at the Karate Klub, then mixed by Jonah Falco and mastered at Noise Room Tokyo.
‘Bas Fada’ will be out on Static Shock (UK) on March 8th

A brain-damaging assault from opposite sides of the globe, Shadows Across Europe 2019 will see Melbourne’s GELD and Dublin’s DISGUISE embark on a mayhem-wreaking tour across the continent which will make Brexit look like a jolly afternoon having tea with the Queen.

With a combined personnel from respected previous acts (Krömosom, Crowd Control, Nuclear Death Terror, Strong Boys, ZOM, Whitehorse, Gentlemen etc), the unifying factor is pure unhinged ferocity. Tours across the USA and Europe have gained both Disguise and Geld a reputation for viciously compelling live performances. Find out for yourself…COME AND SEE:

Di. 19.02.2019 Salzburg – Anna 96
Mi. 20.02.2019 Vienna – Venster
Do. 21.02.2019 Prague – 007
Fr. 22.02.2019 Leipzig – Zoro
Sa. 23.02.2019 Berlin – Kastanienkeller
So. 24.02.2019 Copenhagen – Ungdomshuset
Mo. 25.02.2019 Hamburg – Hafenklang
Di. 26.02.2019 Mannheim – Juz
Mi. 27.02.2019 Bremen – Sielwallhaus
Do. 28.02.2019 Amsterdam – Occii
Fr. 01.03.2019 London – Static Shock Fest
Sa. 02.03.2019 London – Static Shock Fest
So. 03.03.2019 Paris – Le Picolo
Mo. 04.03.2019 Antwerp – Music City