Distress European Tour

September 22, 2014

Russian Raw D-Beaters DISTRESS are doing a Euro Tour this October with full dates displayed below

TOUR 2014:
October`10 – Sthlm, Dead Rhythm w/ Myteri
October`11 – GBG, 128 : an w/ Myteri
October`12 – Copenhagen, Ungdomshuset w/ Myteri
October`13 – Hamburg, Gun bar w/ Attack Of The Mad Axeman
October`14 – need help, Germany
October`15 – Berlin, Koepi w/ Counterblast
October`16 – Brunswick, Nexus w/ Moribund Scum
October`17 – Bloodshed fest
October`18 – Bloodshed fest
October`19 – Nijmegen, privat party
October`20 – day off, but if you have any offere just let us know
October`21 – Antwerpen, tba
October`22 – need help, France
October`23 – Paris, tba
October`24 – Bordeaux, tba
October`25 – Barcelona, tba
October`26 – Toulouse, Les Pavillons Sauvages
October`27 – need help, Lyon / Dijon / Besancon
October`28 – need help, France or Switzerland
October`29 – need help, Switzerland or Germany
October`30 – Keln, tba
October`31 – Oldenburg, Alhambra.
November` 01 – Leiden, crust fest
November` 02 – Bremen, Friese w/ Moribund Scum