DISTRESS Release Tribute To Timur Kacharava

February 15, 2016

Last October DISTRESS recorded a few tracks for a special release which they had planned for a long time as tribute To Timur Kacharava

3 tracks, two of them are our covers Numbers / SANDINISTA! and One of us / DOTTIE DANGER and one more is our old song Requiem, which was re-recorded by us speciallyfor this release. 10 years have passed since the tragic incident, when our friend Timur Kacharava was killed by the Nazi gang. He and one more our close friend Maxim Zgibay were attacked by Nazis, Timur was killed, Maxim got a few knife wounds and survived. It happened on November 13, 2005.
Timur was an AFA / ALF activist and our close friend. A member of SANDINISTA! band, he also played in DISTRESS. Not long ago we downloaded all three tracks to our page on bandcamp.
We dedicate this release to the memory of Timur. We will never forget, never forgive.

This record is also available on CD, drop DISTRESS a line if you need a copy.