Drip Of Lies Release New LP

December 16, 2019

Poland‘s Drip Of Lies return with their second LP of their brand of dark hardcore that follows up their 2012 ‘Failures’ LP

Drip Of Lies have been quiet in recent years, but are back with their second album that will be self released LP by the Warsaw based dark hardcore act. Releasing a LP (Standard edition and Pink limited edition which half sold out at the time of this post) and on CD. The new LP titled ‘Hell’ follows up their 2013 split with Rivers Run Dry, as Drip Of Lies bring their 8 tracks of crushingly heavy dark hardcore ffo Alpinist, Remians Of The Day, Bacchus

DRIP OF LIES Upcoming gigs:
21.02.20 Biłgoraj @ tba
22.02.20 Kraków @ Warsztat
05.03.20 Katowice @ Faust w/ Deszcz
06.03.20  Berlin @ Hasiok Records Fest
07.03.20 Szczecin @ Kadath w/Deszcz
08.03.20 Poznań @ Pod Minogą w/Deszcz
07.08.20 Zdynia DIY Punx Fest #2

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