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December 23, 2019

A crushingly heavy dose Agenda premiere video for their track ‘Burn The Light

The Western world is burning the candle at both ends, while the rest of the world suffers from war, crisis and famine. All this prosperity has led us into believing that we have no place or purpose in this world. Our war is a psychological war; our crisis an existential crisis. And our famine is a hunger for attention and fame. We’ve been raised on the Internet, blogs and social media to believe that we’ll all grow up to be millionaires, pop stars, or reality TV celebrities, or at the very least, to experience happiness. But we won’t, and we’re slowly realising that fact. And that makes us very, very depressed.

Agenda commented on the video

Agenda released their Apocalyptic Wasteland Blues album, back in August on Fysisk Format delivering an immense wave of fist pumping d-beat, with an ear splitting vocals and melodic dark hardcore. Taking influence from their native Norway‘s main export Norwegian Black metal and seamlessly blending it with a Scandicore sound. Their latest record Apocalyptic Wasteland Blues delivers with a high tempo driving d-beat that any fans of Swedish hardcore or this site will appreciate with the record culminating to the final track ‘Burn The Light’ the video premiering above , that takes a more sombre approach but all the time with a crushing sound of despair. Listen to Agenda‘s album Apocalyptic Wasteland Blues in full below and you can pick yourself up a copy of the record    

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