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Flat Earth Records Discography on Bandcamp Donation to 1in12 Club

July 12, 2019

There has been a lot of talk about conspiracy theories and youtube in the punk world of recent so let talk about Flat Earth… no not the conspiracy the amazing record label from the UK who has uploaded as much of their discography to bandcamp for free streaming/downloads and donations arising from the bandcamp page will gratefully be received by the 1in12 club, Bradford, UK

The label whose roster included Sedition, Doom, Scatha, Cress, Disaffect, One By One, Generic and many more existed from the 80’s up until 2011 has uploaded their discography to bandcamp. With the bandcamp page accepting voluntary donations with ALL PROCEEDS┬áTO THE 1IN12 CLUB, BRADFORD.
There is some of releases embedded below but I encourage people to go to the bandcamp page to explore and donate:

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