Frecuencia De Muerte LP Coming Out In September

July 23, 2019

Frecuencia De Muerte “Death Frequency” LP raw hardcore from members of From Ashes Rise and Dödläge coming out on Armageddon Label

Frecuencia De Muerte (FDeM) formed in late 2017 in Protland OR. The band has Eduardo Agostocrates (Terokal) on vocals, Jeff Carlisle (Aütocracy) on bass, Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise) on guitar and Ian Makau (Lowered, Dödläge) on drums. In 2018 they released a four song 7″ EP that featured Manny from Peligro Social on 2nd guitar. A few months after his departure they entered the historic Falcon/Audiosiege complex to begin recording their debut LP titled “Death Frequency”. A slight departure from the raw, reverb-drenched sound of the EP. “Death Frequecny” features seven songs of hardcore punk played by four hardcore punk lifers with lyrics in Spanish leading the battle cry.

Members have played in:
From Ashes Rise, World Burns To Death, Terokal, Speedwitch, Lebanon, No Parade, Warcry, Lowered, Dödläge, Aütocracy, Peligro Social, Deathreat, and more.

1) No Habrá Paz
2) Capaz De Moria
3) Frecuencia Muerta
4) Parasitos Mentales
5) Pacto Mortal
6) F. ‘Em
7) Alarmas

Eduardo Agostocrates: vocals
Ian Makau: drums
Jeff Carlisle: bass
Brad Boatright: guitar

Backing vocals on “F. ‘Em” by Jerry A.

Recorded and mixed by Derek Leisy at Falcon Recording Studio (Poison Idea, Final Warning, Wehrmacht) and Audiosiege September 2018-April 2019
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Poison Idea, Converge, Disrupt, Pentagram)

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