Hellbastard Guests on upcoming releases

October 22, 2014

It seems as if Hellbastard are lining up lots of surprises for their next LP coming out on PATAC Records

With the Rob ‘The Baron’ Miller laying down guest vocals on new LP plus more Amebix guests:

…..and so it came to pass that The Baron Nomates Rocking Von Aphid (Rob Amebix to you & me) laid down guest vocals on a new HELLBASTARD track called “Wychcraft”, all revealed on the new HELLBASTARD album “Feral” out exclusively on PATAC Records (U.S.A) sometime in this millennia. Joining The Baron is also Ex Amebix keyboardist Andy”A-Droid” Wiggins and the right honourable Ex Sabbat HELL guitarist Mr. Reverend Andy Sneap This is turning out to be one of those “-watch-out-for-this-one” kind of albums. It’s all good, folks,…it’s all good.