HELLBASTARD To Release New Full Length in July

June 9, 2015

HELLBASTARD: Iconic UK Crust Metal Crossover Unit To Drop New Full-Length Via PATAC Records This July

Think you know HELLBASTARD? You know nothing, as Feral has just rewritten the band in vivid shades of scarlet and gold. The tranquil intro piece, “In Praise Of Bast,” featuring the keyboard skills of Andy “A-. Droid” Wiggins (ex-Amebix), lulls the listener into a deliciously false sense of security, because seconds after its final note fades into memory, the album’s title track hurtles in with all the subtlety of a muddy jack boot to the head, HELLBASTARD’s patented metallic riffage in full effect, Scruff howling, “My father was a wolf… my mother was a witch…!”
Watch the trailer for the new album and listen to the track “We Are Coven”: