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IMD-beat: Band Database

March 11, 2020

I have wanted to add in band pages to D-Beat Beater to create a database of bands something compared to IMDb or ‘IMD-beat’. Somewhere you are reading about a bands latest release you can click there name and get some biography info, all related news posted on D-Beat Beater some links to music, to buy their records.

You don’t have to be in the band just supply the info for your favourite band or a local band in your area. The more info we have the better a resource this becomes. I have been creating pages quickly so been a bit lazy adding info in but plan on coming back getting help from you lovely people here is some examples: Totälickers, Lockheed, Disguise,

As to encourage people to contribute we offer a 15% off discount code for each submission made, will send on code once page is created.

    Anyway currently slowly creating pages as I work through recent news but it takes time as a lot of bands out there so if you can help by filling out the form for your band, your friends band, a local band for even Disclose that would be amazing and contribute to the site. I have just a form at first but in time maybe will arrange contributor section for the site so all you can help add info by yourself.

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