Interview With Pranksters SCHIZOPHASIA

November 18, 2014

Schizophasia have been making a lot more noise then they usually do after pulling off a genius and hilarious prank. We decided to find out a bit more about their great prank and where it came from and how they went about pulling it off.

For those of you who do not know the full story you can find it out here: Canadian Noize Punk Act Schizophasia Plays Awesome Prank on Nazi Label Deathangle Absolution

When you were approached by Antichrist Kramer/DEATHANGLE ABSOLUTION RECORDS what stopped you from telling Antichrist Kramer you did not agree with the views of the label or the bands previously released? What made you go lets play a prank on them?

1000: We knew of the label previously. Well the labels first name ‘Satanic SkinHead’ to be precise. The idea came to us immediately, so we figured why not.

Despite you asking people to only buy the record off of yourselves and with all donations going towards Anti Racist and Anti Fascist groups? Are you afraid that people wanting a piece of this awesome prank may inadvertently purchase a copy of the record from DEATHANGLE ABSOLUTION RECORDS?

2000: Some people are going to buy the record obviously. Its mostly targeted to the power electronics scene and even the black metal scene. We don’t envision it being distributed through the usual punk channels.

1000: The label is a business and the pressing is small,so we are sure that it will end up selling out.

Was their at any point you thought your prank would be found out? Through using the artwork of the black triangle? Submitting no lyrics? That Antichrist Kramer might somehow decipher your undecipherable vocal effects?
1000: Yes, of course it crossed our minds. Also there was a period of over year where we stopped playing live gigs while this record was being made. During that time a few people had heard rumors of a new record and where asking questions. Those close to us who where trustworthy got to know what was going on,otherwise we had to just say ‘I dont know what your talking about” to anyone else.

How did it feel when you got your records and realized you were able to pull off such a genius prank? Have you got received any anger messages from DEATHANGLE ABSOLUTION RECORDS?

1000: Aside from a smiley-face, they haven’t got back to us directly, but i hear that theres a lot of message-board trash talking us though.

After all is said and done, How do you feel after pulling off what I can only describe as a very clever and hilarious prank? Where can people get copies of your records and support Chicago Antifascists and South Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action?

2000: The only place to get this record without supporting Deathangle Absolution is from Base Record Shop in Tokyo as we sold them most of our copies. Ideally ,we should repress this album.