Iskra – Ruins LP Out Soon

March 12, 2015

Iskra’ new upcoming LP ‘Ruins’ will be released both sides of the Atlantic with information of the US pressing having been revealed this week.

Formed in 2002 ISKRA have become one of the most well known bands to ever claim terms such as “Blackened Crust” or “Anarchist Metal”. Playing a brilliant mixture of English Crust and Scandinavian metal, combined with well thought out and highly political lyrics. It is no surprise that they have become somewhat legendary in both the punk and metal underground.

“Ruins” is ISKRA;s third studio album. Ruins was recorded February 2014 and was engineered and produced by Cody Baresich and Iskra. The album was mstered at Sweden‘s Cutting Room by Martin Ankelius. With a North American┬ápressing and a European pressing the LP will be widely available.

“RUINS” will be going to the pressing plant later this month and will be released this June/July. On the following labels in North Amreica:
Profane Existence
Doomed Society
War On Music
OSD Press
Black Raven Records
Echoes From Beneath