Lái 来 Stream New Track From Upcoming LP

April 17, 2020

Lái 来 have streamed a second track off their upcoming 9 track LP coming out on Ruin Nation and D-Takt & Rapunk

Lái 来from Australia are to release a 9 track LP this spring featuring members of Pisschrist, Extinct Exist, Masses, Ubik & Occult Blood

Lái 来 are based in Melbourne, Australia and play a unique and absolute menacing fusion of swedish d-beat and old school hardcore punk sung in Indonesian and English. Challenging politics, religion, feminist and queer rights in South East Asia. They released a demo tape in 2018 and recently recorded 9 new tracks for their upcoming “Pontianak” LP on Ruin Nation Records in association with Lost in Fog (Aus) and D-Takt & Råpunk Records (Swe)

Lái 来 recently streamed their titled track Pontianak which you can check out below:

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