Lautstürmer / Remiso Split Out Now

June 27, 2018

This split LP is the blast! Crust / punk veterans from Malmö and new d-beat / punk project from the same area. Old faces with new raw tunes!
Out now on Not Enough Records and Phobia Records.

Malmö rawmangel split. Lautstürmer delivers the highly full speeded metalic punk mangel as always, a brilliant up to date with their special way of nailing the d-beated mayhem and their awesome riffing. As the energy level couldnt be more there’s always a lust for yet a nother song wheyn it comes to these guys. Remiso follows this split with their furious and political rawpunk anger with a big touch of metalic solos and riffing to it. As their origins makes it even more clear when the vocals are spat out in the furious potuguese toung, as this three piece band has their orgins in Chile, Brazil and Sweden, you get the special south american feelin of raw and frustrated rawpunk. A brilliant split to say the least