Listen To Crutches Side of Their New Split + UK Tour Dates

February 24, 2019

Swedish mangel artist CRUTCHES are back again this time with their split 12″ with Kontrasosial from Indonesia and Crutches have released their side of the split. for you lovely people to fill your ear holes.

Chaos Riders // Freedom Fighters – split 12″ vinyl will be out in the next few weeks the records are pressed and look as handsome as hell 666 pressing 333 in pink splatter and 333 in a brown splatter. With 8 tracks from each band,
Crutches the mangel kings from Malmo, Sweden are also heading on tour to the UK


4th of Apr, 2019 // ENG Hitchin, the Venue w/ the Migraines, Skullfucked & Chinned

5th of Apr, 2019 // ENG London, Brixton, The Hand In Hand, w/ The Domestics, Atavistik Deathpose, Subordinate & Do One

6th of Apr, 2019 // ENG Manchester, 78 Sackville st – Manchester Pumpkin Festival, w/ Just Another Kraut, Braindead, Subordinate, Pizzatramp, Regret, Epic Problem, The Dub Righters, Holiday, Dad, Do One & Dissidents

7th of Apr, 2019 // ENG Bristol, Stag & Hounds. w/ The Domestics & Do One