Listen To Tracks Off Vicious Irene // Vehemence Split

April 19, 2016

VICIOUS IRENE are to do a split with VEHEMENCE coming out on Ruin Nation next month

Six blasting new tracks from Göteborgs VICIOUS IRENE who continue where they stopped on “Distorted State Of Mind”. Radical feminist inspired hardcore punk with heaps of “crust” and “grunge” thrown in and a bold political message within their lyrics.
Recorded and mixed by Pontus Redig (Agrimonia, Martyrdöd, Miasmal) and mastered by Göran Finnberg.

The flip side has VEHEMENCE hailing from Marseille and Nancy (France) delivering 3 songs of shredding and heavy crustcore plays into an dystopian atmosphere with heaps of sludge and grinding soundscapes.