March 26, 2015

VIOLENT REACTION from the UK have streamed their new full-length called ‘Marching On’ which is out on Revelation Records with the whole LP streaming ahead of their US tour starting next week

This is hardcore influenced Oi or Oi influenced hardcore either way it is full of raw energy that just has a driving power that carries catchy Oi styled gang vocals. Pre-order the LP now off NeRevelation Records

Press Release:

Now just one week from having the mighty Revelation Records release their sophomore LP, Marching On, worldwide, the same day as their new US tour begins on March 31st, UK-based VIOLENT REACTION has unleashed the entire record early at Blow The Scene.

Rife with boisterous gang chants, pulsating energy and an overall exceptionally tight and aggressive attack, VIOLENT REACTION incites unrest through classic hardcore/oi anthems in the spirit of Negative Approach, Blitz, The 4-Skins, Straight Ahead and 86 Mentality, delivered through a wholly modern sound. The band’s first release for Revelation Records comes by way of Marching On, a fourteen-song tirade which is over in just nineteen minutes, leaving the listener beaten, bloodied, and empowered to rise immediately back up, a prime example of why this band is unquestionably one of the top-tier acts of their scene.

The same day Marching On is released, VIOLENT REACTION brings their uprising back to the US, beginning an upcoming Northeastern American tour, with shows confirmed in Richmond, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Rochester, Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh