LUX New Day 7″ Out This Week

November 19, 2019

LUX are back with an Action packed 7″ well only one of the 4 songs is called Action but it is sounding great and you should check it out as it comes out this week on La Vida Es Un Mus

Barcelona’s Lux return with a new four track EP and it’s pogo thrills the whole way. It’s raw, tight and primal. It perfectly captures the sound of a classic and much loved UK82 release with a basic production and foot to the floor energy. Standouts include Action which sits next to the first two singles by Vice Squad and the Expelled and MaƱana which is more uptempo and shows a love of Action Pact and all things Riot City Records. Simplicity done well is a hard thing to do but Lux do it without any problems.

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