Members of Chaos UK and Disorder Return With New Band F.OT.K. (Fear of the Known)

April 20, 2020

FOTK feraturing members of Chaos UK, Disorder have released their Artifical Intelegence trailer

Alongside a somewhat cryptic piece introducing members by name dropping what bands members have played in as they describe Artificial Intelligence.

“Artificial intelligence will soon be running in the background of all the law enforcement networks on Earth. Amid the CHAOS and confusion of many modern cities in the UK. Facial recognition and image enhancement technology Is already in place. At the first sign of DISORDER, local police and enforcement agencies will be able to fall back on tried and tested techniques used during WAR//PLAGUE style situations to quell any unruly population. Unfortunately FRUSTRATION in many police forces due to a lack of funding and poor implementation has led to broken systems, mis-identification, wrongful arrests, police brutality and more. A spokesman for a leading AI company said yesterday, “that those governments looking at the scheme through ROSE ROSE tinted spectacles will inevitably discover serious flaws in the system.” He branded the software “artificially unintelligent”, and has called for calm…

The new band called FOTK (aka Fear Of The Known ). If we look at specific names, we get to this international lineup: Steve Allen ( Disorder, Crossbreed ), Kaos “Lice” ( Chaos UK ), Andy Lefton ( War, Plague, Provoked ), Tom Radio ( Frustration ), Yuji ( Rose Rose, Hell Fire, Another Dimension, Necronomidol ). FOTK will release a debut seven-inch with the teaser “Artificial Unintelligence” available to check out above

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