MG-15 “Los Singles 1983-2005” Out Now

December 31, 2015

MG-15 have released a new 12″ titled “Los Singles 1983-2005” which compiles singles from 1983-2005

Formed in 1982 in Malaga, southern Spain, MG 15 produced some great D-beat/hardcore punk throughout the years. This LP compiles all their singles, from their demo recorded in 1983, through to the split with DISCHARGE, recorded and released in 2005. 500 copies on clear vinyl, a multi label DIY collaboration.

Available from:
Nuclear Fear Records
Silencio Funebre Discos
Noise Of Hell
Alua Records
Compañeros De Tumba
Muerte A Tipo
Urinal Vinyl Records
Mono Caniba