NEGATIV Release Teaser Track From New EP

July 9, 2019

Negativ are back with a teaser track from their upcoming 7″ which follows up their debut 12″ ‘Projections’ release in July 2018

The new 7″ is set to come out on Bylle Pest Distro in late July/early August All Songs
“Six storming new tracks from the living legacy of Norwegian hardcore punk. Irreverent and scathing swipes of a rusted blade edge against the breezy knuckles of melodic guitar leads and momentous drum punishment. 
The velocity of Sista Dagers Helvete, the vocal damage of United Mutation and the Neos, the bass propulsion of Discharge, and crushed drumming that seems to amalgamate so much of the historically marginal but musically unforgettable European hc classics – E.A.T.E.R., Zmiv, etc” – Jonah Falco/Career Suicide

Written and Performed by Negativ 
Additional Guitar Leads by Jonah Falco 
Recorded and Mixed by Jonah Falco 
in Endless Tinnitus Studio, Oslo 2019 
Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studio 
All art by Carlos “The Jackal”

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