Negative Runners 8 Tracks of Filthy Melodies

February 14, 2020

Negative Runners 8 songs of filthy melodies not really D-Beat but but good filthy melodic punk

In the shadows of the mines’ slag heaps, between abandoned buildings and trash piles, there still could be a shining ruby. In this case, it’s Negative Runners, 4 dudes in their 40+ with a great pedigree of local melodic punk hardcore bands who took their time and about 8 years to release their first 12″. 8 songs of filthy melodies and some upbeat tempo, somewhere around Leatherface, Off with their heads or the good part of Hot Water Music. Recorded like most Kick Rock record in the lovely Sauf Imprevu studio in Saint Etienne, France, by Massacre (Deletär, State Poison, etc…) and OTH (Spit, Drunken Vengeance Bastard, etc…). Definitely not your typical Kick Rock record but since I do what I want with my money, there was no reason not to help out my friends from high school (or their older brother) releasing an amazing album ! 300 copies – black vinyl. Co-released by Kick Rock and Bad Health Records

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