New CONVERGE Album ‘The Dusk In Us’ Announced

August 16, 2017

After the announcement of the Converge new two track EP last month, out in September, the highly anticipated new Converge album has been announced with a new track accompanying the announcement

‘The Dusk In Us’ which was recorded earlier this year by guitarist Kurt Ballou at his own GodCity studio in Massachusetts, will hit streets on November 3 via Epitaph Records. Track listing can be viewed below. There will be a number of addition of the release on different coloured vinyl coming out with a number of which already sold out. So if you are a vinyl colour addict head on over to Convergecult.com to get your fix.
“Under Duress” by Converge from the album ‘The Dusk In Us,’ available November 3rd

The Dusk In Us track listing:

01. A Single Tear
02. Eye of the Quarrel
03. Under Duress
04. Arkhipov Calm
05. I Can Tell You About Pain
06. The Dusk in Us
07. Wildlife
08. Murk & Marro
09. Trigger
10. Broken by Light
11. Cannibals
12. Thousands of Miles Between Us
13. Reptilian