New Release from Sacrilege

October 14, 2014

Sacrilege are currently working on new stuff the first release. The band is the exact same line up that recorded their last album ‘Turn back Trilobite’ 25 years ago!

Line Up: Lynda Tam Simpson (vocals),Damian Thompson (Guitar),Frank Healy (Bass),Spike T Smith (Drums)

We have been hard at work since July writing the new stuff.We think this new material is sounding thunderous..think Realms/Prophecy/Trilobite colliding in hyperspace with a twister ! We are planning to release a BRAND NEW track (from the new album) right on here (completely free of charge) VERY soon,complete with brand new band pictures & hopefully a lot more!Please keep watching,share & like! Tam,Damian,Frank,Spike

From Sacrilege Facebook