News from YOUR country/region

December 9, 2014

A lot of the time we get news of a small tour of 3 or 4 dates within a certain country or that there is a Euro and a North American pressing of a certain release coming out at two different times. A lot of with news like this it only applies to certain areas or countries and not everyone gives a shit about it. We plan on making D-Beat Beater news more regional as well as global.

Ireland is where D-Beat Beater is based out of and makes the perfect example as its far away from most scenes, bar the UK and most people around the world do not care about a tour happening here. So the way this regional idea will work is that when someone from Ireland visits D-Beat Beater website they will be redirected to the Irish version of the site what they will find here is news of anything happening local such as a band doing a tour in Ireland only people redirected to the Irish site will see this news (thus not clogging up the main site with news others do not take about) they will also be able to see what is happening around Europe as it will be regional news so any bands going on tour in Europe or European pressing of a release and they will also be able to see general news that is posted for all regions as in bands breaking up, new videos, streams, interviews and reviews. You will also be able to flick through regions as well so you make sure you get all the news from another region or you can select just the D-Beat Beater original site which will have no regional news.

We will start regionalising by splitting up the sites by continents Europe, North America, South America…..

Then will launch the Ireland version as it is where D-Beat Beater is based and then probably UK as we have access to a lot of UK news. We encourage people to get in touch so they can run their regional section on D-Beat Beater just get in touch through contact page.

The Nerd Part
The Nerd part how we plan on doing this using code and such, we run D-Beat Beater on wordpress as you would imagine, what we will doing is add in a plugin such that will distinguish the user IP address and then thus redirect them to either a page or subdomain that will be set up to output all regional news in the same format as the D-Beat Beater page. We are still in the testing process but will update this or make another post as to how we solved this.