No More Beater

Despite most of the posts on the site being Copy & Paste I have been struggling to keep up with posts of recent just been busy with life, kids and running distro through Distroy Records , so not going to actively post news for a while I might do a sporadic post here and there if I get excited about something but nothing consistently. But if I am unable to post while working half the amount of the time due to the pandemic there is no hope for me to continue posting once things go back to normal.
Thanks for following I appreciate the interest and hope people found the blog useful while it lasted.

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  1. Your efforts are appreciated. I for one want you to continue doing this stuff, I have to admit it is never rewarded but believe me we fucking love it.

  2. As Barry said, your efforts are very much appreciated! I’m broadcasting a d-beat podcast and this site has been a large part of my hunt for material. I don’t have a lot of visitors but I hope I’ve been able to send at least a few people your way.

    Thank you for everything and I hope things’ll work out for the best no matter how that may look.

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