No Scumfest 2015!!!

November 6, 2014

Scumfest 2015 will NOT happen this year. All good things come to an end with the Scumfest collective announcing their decision with a couple of references to Discharge thrown in

ScumFest 2015 in London UK is NOT happening this coming May. WHY? (Good album) Because… it’s a grave new world! The ScumFest collective, after 10 annual fests and raising well over £12,000 for grassroots campaigns, feels like we have accomplished what we set out to achieve (for the time being.)
Thanks once again to the bands, benefits, artists and everyone who’s ever helped out or came along… without you lot, none of this would have been possible.
Members of SFC are currently still involved in local DIY projects and we will, no doubt, be putting on some one-off events under the ScumFest banner in the future… so watch this space and the website for any updates or announcements.
1 Struggle, 1 Fight,
the ScumFest Collective