NORILSK joins Alerta Antifascista Records

February 2, 2015

Canada’s NORILSK joins Alerta Antifascista Records (official) and announces the release of debut album “The Idea of North” on vinyl.

Named after Siberia’s northernmost city, home of a famous heavy metal smelting complex, Norilsk is a doom-death band from Gatineau/Ottawa, Canada, who self-released their debut EP “Japetus” this past summer. Characterized by slow and crushing riffs, death growls, and atmospheric arrangements, its music draws comparison with doom-death bands such as My Dying Bride, Morgion and Ablaze in Hatred, but it also has a heavy dose of sludge/post metal elements reminiscent of Isis and Morne.
The aforementioned introductory EP “Japetus” was created as a precursor to the debut full-length album “The Idea of North”, which was recorded at the same time and will be released through Alerta Antifascista Records on vinyl, Hypnotic Dirge Records on CD, and Dwyer Records on cassette in 2015.

Bassist / vocalist Nicolas Miquelon comments:

“It is an honor and a privilege to be included in Alerta’s list of current rosters, alongside some of the sludge bands we admire the most, like Morne, Rituals, DeZafra Ridge, Light Bearer and our brothers in Alaskan to name a few.”