Original SKITSYSTEM Line Up Returns

September 18, 2016

SKITSYSTEM original line up is coming back in 2017, due to At The Gates hiatus, to play tracks from ‘Profithysteri’ 7″, Ondskans Ansikte ‎10″ and Wolfpack split 7″.

SKITSYSTEM posted their announcement on Facebook stating:
“Ok. So it’s said! As At the Gates are on a hiatus writing new songs, what could be morw proper than this?
2017 brings back the original line up! We will bring back Alex from SE Asia, Adrian from the UK and Tompa and Fred from Gothenburg for a string of selected shows. See you on the road! /Tompa, Adrian, Fred and Alex!
Ps. Will only play songs from the first 7″, 10″ and split 7″ w/Wolfpack.”